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"In the counsels of Government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the Military Industrial Complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together."

- President Eisenhower - January 1,1961-------------------------------------------------------------

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.....The facts about the relationship between Dwight D. Eisenhower, former President of The United States of America, our organization's former Chairman, George Wellington Van Tassel, and authentic and powerful beings from other worlds, are hereby documented in detail for the public as never before revealed.For starters, it was George Van Tassel that actually arranged the meeting herein described, between these space beings and Mr.Eisenhower. If there is any doubt in anyone's mind about this, then you will soon see here the facts that Mr.Spielberg personally asked Mr.Van Tassel to introduce "Enounters of The Third Kind" to the public at its premier showing in Las Vegas,Nevada in 1978.For many people that attended this event in Las Vegas, this was the last time they saw Mr.Van Tassel before he passed away a few months later. So, this is a fact of history, not just me dreaming up things to get attention. Mr. Spielberg worked with Mr. Van Tassel for many months before he produced the movie, which was a very distorted story of what really happened to Mr. Van Tassel, because Mr. Spielburg had to produce a movie that would make money; and his motive was not to give you, the public, authentic facts as I am doing here, as a documentary. So, Mr. Spieberg owes the Ministry something for the $350,000,000.00 he made from the movie, because this is where he obtained the original inspiration for the movie; but he never even came back with a "Thank You". This says a lot,eh.

.....In June of 1952, a small group of individuals participating in thought-transference research with Van Tassel at his Airport in the southern California desert were receiving detailed information from entities from other planets. (To access background information on these transmissions ,I will soon be publishing that here for your enjoyment.) Some entities advanced details of engineering projects for the group to build and conduct research with. Others stated information of a philosophical nature, to introduce clearer perspectives on understanding religion, art, Earth history, and other matters from their cosmic perspectives. Some were advancing detailed predictions on 'soon to happen' earthquakes and volcanic activities, as well as new environmental concerns-as monitored from their spacecraft in our atmosphere. Some were bringing out facts about the on-going atom bomb testing that in some cases the public at large knew nothing about, that was causing many to die from leukemia. A few of these entities were advancing political facts that would be forthcoming. One entity, with considerable authority, named "ASHTAR",(not the ASHTAR of ASHTAR COMMAND!), mandated that a concise record be started on his transmissions with the group. He directed them to do this because he was about to announce the presence of his spacecraft and fleet in a most dramatic display to our government and military leadership and he wanted them to understand why.

.....He directed Van Tassel to prepare five return receipt telegrams, to be delivered to five agencies of the United States of America. They were:

#1. - The White House in Washington, D.C.;

#2. - The Pentagon;

#3. - North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) in Colorado;

#4. Wright- Patterson Air Force Base in OHIO,and

#5.- ARMY Military Intelligence. He was also told to prepare a telegram to the next President of the United States of America, the honorable Mr. Dwight D. Eisenhower, to inform him he was going to be the next President and other details of an extremely important nature for all humanity. In these telegrams, Van Tassel was very specific as to the nature of this communication coming from a person not of this earth. What happened is documented historically to the extent of Ashtar's formation of spacecraft invading The White House air space at the exact time of Van Tassel's memo to them. (See Insert: Washington Post Headliner). The documentation resulting from this event produced an incredible mass of data from certified radar operators,and

, newspaper accounts and military and intelligence sources. A good summary of it's occurrence that week is in a reprint from the Washington Post, as found on

.....What has been missing all these years is the transmitted words from the space people explaining the purpose of the D.C. flyover--The WHY-- which is contained in the records we possess, in great detail.To summarize the UFO message the operators of these craft included this statement;" By now as a result of your governments retrieval of some of our downed spacecraft,which we allowed to you to find,you understand in great detail that we possess technology of a greatly advanced nature; BUT, you have still missed the core truth of our verifications to you; WE ARE YOUR PEERS!!!,and we see you attempting to invade and control the individual lives of the masses, which greatly concerns us." Now you can understand this most dramatic demonstration of power. After this event occurred, Van Tassel and this organization he started, became a classified case file within the intelligence community, under "verified communications of an interplanetary nature", and that status and recognition has continued unabated to this day,January 11,2012, and the current Chairman of The Ministry of Universal Wisdom has kept this vibrant and exciting relationship with these space people very active and alive on a daily basis; And they say to me,"REVIVAL APPROACHES", spearheaded by our Commander-in-Chief ,Jesus Christ , the Son of Man!!!!

.....The motive of our interplanetary friends at that time was of great importance to humanity for reasons they explained in the telegrams to Eisenhower and the military agencies. However the leaders of our country rebuffed the warnings they were given as you will see and as a result the world has become ensnared by evil, and immoral forces of such proportions that it is now impossible for the current leaders of our government to rectify the previous mistake.

.....Are you still there? I hope so, because it gets deeper. The secrets our leaders are continuing to hide and the discrediting of people truly seeking answers in these matters IS AT AN END. Humanity needs to know the facts we possess. The reason why our UFO history makes no sense is we, as humans, are often handicapped by our belief system, thoughts like-' Angels have wings, they don't have spacecraft'. If there are bad angels/devils, all they can do it tempt us. They don't really do bad things to people-or animals.
.....The truth IS out there-but only through the words of friendly, super intelligent, higher beings can we fully understand WHY we are here-and why THEY are here. 'They', being both good and evil higher intelligence's. (For the story of Good and Evil, the Book of Enoch is required reading. Perhaps it should precede GENESIS in the Judaic/Christian bibles).

.....What follows is a documented story that resolves the UFO enigma-from beginning to the present:
After the Washington D.C. flyover, a physical meeting was arranged between President. Eisenhower and representatives of a friendly , humanoid space people. Eisenhower was accompanied by a few key members of the military . The meeting took place at Homestead Air Base in Florida . The space people offered no new technologies or military weapons to Eisenhower, but offered to assist Earth people in other ways. They also specifically warned Eisenhower that they would soon be visited by space people with an evil agenda and who would tempt Earth's representatives with promises of providing new technologies and military weapons,which was all lies.
Shortly thereafter, at Muroc Air Base (now Edwards Air Force Base) Eisenhower met with the envoys of a highly advanced civilization, who were Reptilian in appearance. Through their leader, called His Lord Highness Krill, they promised Eisenhower they would share certain military technologies with us in return for the right to study Earth's inhabitants. Ike was given a thorough demonstration of the crafts many incredible technologies. As a final display of their technological expertise, the alien spacecraft was made to disappear-giving Eisenhower a near heart attack. With the cold war heating up to an increasingly threatening level, the Reptilian Proposal sounded like a gift from God-and the aliens were given carte blanche to 'study' humans. They promised continuous test data would be given to our government. It is at this point that abductions and cattle mutilations began in earnest. In UFOlogy today, this type of non-human aliens are referred to as 'GREYS'. The GREYS promised to start work immediately with chosen earth scientists to develop new and primarily military technologies, such as, propulsion systems, stealth/invisibility and bio-monitoring of huge populations.

.....(Mr. Van Tassel has previously released some of the facts about these events in his book entitled," When Stars Look Down©", copyrighted in 1976, which book has been reprinted again and will offered here at our market place. Some of the details were also released in a Bimonthly publication our organization, the one Van Tassel started in 1952, called "The Proceedings of The College of Universal Wisdom©", a nonsectarian flyer to over 40,000 members about the College's ongoing research, in many fields.)

.....As less and less 'human study' data was released by the GREYS, the suspicions of those around Eisenhower continued to grow. Involved special intelligence groups, such as The Jason Council and Majestic were employed by the Central Intelligence Agency to constantly monitor the on-going relationship with the GREYS. All information was available on a strictly a 'need to know' basis-even for the informed members of the National Security Agency. (It is interesting to note that during this period, J. Edgar Hoover, head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, continually complained that he was being 'left in the dark' on all matters relative to UFOs). Two years into this 'treaty' with the GREYS, it was apparent they were only reporting a small percentage of the actual abductions and cattle mutilations. With no logical way to counter the superior technology of the GREYS, the U.S. military turned to its own scientists for help. A group of scientists had developed a high frequency microwave radar tracking system located at at the White Sands Missile Test Range. The military began utilizing this new technology to track GREYS movement. Shortly thereafter, a most fortuitous accident occurred. A low flying spacecraft being tracked somehow suffered a loss of power when in the microwave's beam and crashed to earth. After gaining entrance to the spacecraft, the hand picked investigation team was horrified to find vats of human parts, growing fetuses, vials of human eggs and sperm and containers of glandular secretions. The warning given to Eisenhower by the friendly humanoids at the Homestead landing was now a reality. We had made a pact with the most amoral, evil creatures in the universe-and they are superior to us in every way. Simply look around and see the increased evil activity in every phase of our living.
.....We have been infiltrated by this evil at every level. Even the direction of our Executive Branch of government defies logic. Without regard to financial cost or cost in human life, we have set upon a course of Big Brothering the entire planet. Personal liberties are being sacrificed in the name of 'patriotism'. Does it not make sense that something sinister has gained a foothold in our international politics? We in this country-along with a few chosen allies are actually doing what the GREYS themselves cannot do openly-a subtle Earth world conquest through the gradual creation of a one world government. And the only reason the GREYS are not more up front is because this country's government would have to explain the true meaning of their presence. So is the situation totally hopeless?
....The answer lies in the friendly hominid space people who first met with and warned Eisenhower. The Ministry has so zealously guarded these facts that reveal the truth-in the actual voice of several different benevolent space people. The messages are startling; highly accurate in their forecasts of things to come and lead us to exactly where we are today-with chilling forecasts for the future-but with reassurance that they are watching over us, in the ultimate sense.

.....We urge you to gain the insight contained in the revelations that will be published on this site.The Space Brothers in communion with Mr.Van Tassel established a co-operation ,A CORPORATION at the suggestion of a being named "Contumara", an 80,000 year old greatly evolved angelic like personality,so that this Corporation would act as a vehicle for the space brothers to interact with to bring a spiritual revival of a cosmic understanding concerning one who has been generally referred to as "Jesus the Christ,The Father in Heaven,The Holy Spirit,The Single One,The Personality of All Personalities,The Universal Mind,Nirvana,The Center of all that is in you,The Creator of Heaven and Earth,Buddha,Bai Satisava ,Lao,The Vorondatec Sons of Light and Life,The Thought Adjuster, The One who is all Righteous, Holy, Sacred to Life,The other Personality of The Holy Trinity,The Ancient of Days,The Heavenly Host" referred to in The Bible; so whatever you want to call it, that entity is The Highest Authority in all Time and Space;in every dimension of micro or macro reality.The police do not have this authority,Governments of Countries do not have this type of Authority,(But they are given authority to start Governments to assist,not control,the masses) ; SO , being a Christian , I said to myself one day while contemplating Mr.Van Tassel, and I thought to my self,"maybe he is the devil, a false prophet> I will put his predictions to the test",for the Bible says, if he predicts something and it does not happen, he is a false prophet, but if what he predicts comes true as he said, well fellah,you better take a real close look at what I am telling you here, because his predictions were true; This "WASHINGTON UFO FLAP" should tell you that. The Ministry and College of Universal Wisdom and your participation will help us continue our world -wide effort to bring out the TRUTH, and start a revival of Hope initiated by angelic beings under The Son of Mans personal leadership, with already proven demonstrations of their craft in concert.






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